GreenScreen Entertainment is the brainchild of Barbara and Burton Shapiro.

The philosophy of the company is to provide highly unique and creative personalized products and then bring them to your party for all to enjoy and take home.   What could be better than having a great evening at a special event?  How about taking home a "memory" of that event to cherish for a lifetime!
Barbara Shapiro, cofounder of GreenScreen Entertainment, was born and raised in Culver City, California, the true home of MGM Studios, now Sony Pictures.  She had a passion for anything theater or education related.  She spent many years as a classroom, mentor, and drama teacher, and always found her work with people of all ages to be inspiring.  
Burton Shapiro, cofounder of GreenScreen Entertainment, hailed originally from Jersey City, New Jersey.  He moved to Southern California to go to college, and then the Shapiros settled in Arizona, where they have lived for many years.   Always artistic, Burton started in commercial art in his early 20s.  He changed career paths and spent many years as a doctor.  His return to commercial art has come as a natural transition back to his roots.  Burton finds waking up each morning to be a joy so that he can spend the day designing original, creative, premier products for all of his clients to enjoy.
GreenScreen Entertainment has a wonderful, highly professional staff of women, men, and teens from a variety of backgrounds who bring their passion for fun with them to every event.  Among GreenScreen's premier employees are the Shapiro teens.  Sarah, born on Burton's birthday (surprising), shares his passion for art and is a wonderful photographer.  Steven, born on Barb's birthday (even more amazing), is a dramatist and loves breakdancing, as well as science. 
When you book GreenScreen Entertainment, you hire warm, genuine people who come to your event with a deep commitment to make your event as special as if it were their own.  

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