1. Green Screen Open Air Photo Booth!  While we have been successfully taking and printing full color portraits for 50 – 5000 people on-site at events for the last 6 years, our inventory of custom backgrounds has continued to grow.  Take a look at almost 300 custom art designs.  And remember, since we create all of our backgrounds in-house, our inventory grows monthly as you challenge us to create backgrounds to fit every imaginable theme.  Please remember, too, that this open air photo booth allows up to 15 people in a picture.  And we still are the only company to shoot and print up to 100 full color portraits per hour on our original backgrounds and clients can select up to 24 different backgrounds at any given event for guests to use.  http://entertainmentservices.zenfolio.com/p304555837  (Password: barbs)

2. Gold or White Screen Open Air Photo Booth!  This open air photo booth allows up to 15 people in a picture.  And we shoot and print up to 100 beautiful full color portraits per hour!  Perfect for weddings!

3. Airbrush Tattoos!  We produce 60 – 90 full color tattoos per hour!  375 design choices.  Watch out kids.  This has become an adult hit! 

4. 3D Flip Books!  Yes, ActionPages Flip Books have now gone 3D.  We invented it!  No-one in the world has it!  That’s right, not only do your guests get to enjoy their movements, but the background “moves” with them.  We make the flip books right on-site and hand them to your guests.  You can check out our video below.  (See black box below.  Click on Watch Videos.  Password: barbs)  You can also view the video of our fabulous Action Pages Flip Books at http://entertainmentservices.zenfolio.com/p806032357 (Password:  barbs).

5. Digital Airbrush Hats and Tee Shirts!  We bring hats, shirts, and an inventory of art designs to the event.  (We can even design graphics that fit your theme.)  The guests select the art design of their choice, give us their name, we add both onto the apparel, and hand the finished product to the guests on-site, at the party!  (Great for team building!)  And we still have our scenic and realistic shirt designs that we can add to any shirt, along with the guest’s name. See some samples at http://entertainmentservices.zenfolio.com/p386465311  (Password: barbs)

6. Custom Centerpieces, Place Cards, Signing Boards, Banners, and other custom pieces for our clients.    http://entertainmentservices.zenfolio.com/p101110725  (Password: barbs). 
 7. Jet ski, Snow mobile, or Motorcycle Virtual Ride.  Includes a Flash Drive of your ride.
http://www.youtube.com/user/TheEntertainmentPros (The Entertainment Pros is also us!  Click on any of the videos but note that flip books are now 3D!)

 8. Whole body MTV style classic Music Videos where you get a Flash Drive of your performance.  
9. Select-A-Date (what happened on the day you were born) or Name Game (the meaning of your name on a choice of backgrounds).  This information is printed out on a certificate and given to guests at the party.  Unique, personal, fun!  

We have a new website coming soon but please use these links for now. 

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